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Why a website is important for your personal branding

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Your personal brand can be powerful. It is a way to position yourself as an expert in your field and to build your audience. There are different places where you can market your brand, and a personal website is one of them.

10 reasons why a website is important for your personal branding

Here are 10 reasons to create a website for your personal brand:

#1 Stay in control

Personal branding is all about creating a certain image. It is not always easy to control what others say about you and your brand. A website is one of the places where you have most control. It is a place where you can share your story and where you have total control about the narrative. You can create the message you want to communicate and you decide how to present it.

#2 Increase your visibility

One of the objectives of having a personal brand is to increase your visibility. There are many ways to be seen and you need to make sure that people can find you in as many ways as possible. When you have a personal website, people can easily find you and learn more about you.

#3 Look more professional

Your website is a place where people can read about your work and your ideas. It helps to build credibility and proof for others that you are indeed a professional in your field.

#4 Show you are trustworthy

If you want to work with other businesses or people, you want them to trust you. A professional looking website which is easy to navigate, will contribute to people’s trust. Consider using testimonials. People love the opinions and experiences of others and can help influence them in a positive way.

#5 Position yourself as an authority

Positioning yourself as an authority means that you show that you know what you are talking about. Sharing your work, writing blogs and sharing your ideas and thoughts will help to build up that authority and convince people to work or partner with you.

#6 Help people get to know you better

After a first interaction with you and your brand, people want to know more. They might google you to get more information about who you are as a person or business. A website is the perfect place to offer them this information. As mentioned earlier, it is the perfect way to control what people see and how they see you.

#7 Be online 24/7

There are not many ways to promote our brand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But your website is always online. Potential clients, like-minded people, other businesses or just people who are interested in you can enter your website and find all the information they want. Your website is always there to answer their questions.

#8 Gather information about your audience

Websites are a great way to gather more information about your audience. What are they doing on your website? Which pages are they visiting? And who are the people that visit my website? There is a lot of information to gather, which can be used in your marketing and communication to improve your brand further.

#9 Stand out from the crowd

There are a lot of people trying to stand out nowadays. Organisations and individuals are trying to build their brand. Sharing your original content on your personal website increases the chance to catch people’s attention, so you can stand out from the rest.

#10 Support your other communication platforms

As a brand, you want to be visible on different platforms. Each platform has its own way to establish your brand and they all support each other in order to carry out the big image. On your website, you will probably communicate different content than on your social media channels. And that is good as long as they are in line with the bigger picture. A website is a great way to support this image.

Conclusion: A website is an important tool to support your personal brand.

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