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Ireneo Snel & Nikita de Haan - Valenze

Our Story

Focus on Women's Football

As football fanatics Ireneo and Nikita love the game, as a player, coach, referee or employee in the football industry. The pure passion in combination with the huge growth potential drew us more and more towards the women’s game - until March 2022 when Ireneo decided to start a coaching business for female football players. After finishing her master’s degree, Nikita joined four months later and in September Valenze was officially launched. With our academic background and work experience we are both qualified and highly motivated to assist female athletes in building, growing, and leveraging their personal brand. Are you ready to discover your brand potential?

Our Values


We strive for consistent growth in all aspects of women’s football. 


Based on the personal goals of the athlete we provide customized guidance. 


Our methods create an environment where outstanding opportunities for women arise. 

Our Team


My name is Ireneo Snel

- B.A. Sport Studies

- Master Football Business

- Licensed coach in football and snowboarding

- Certificate in Sports Psychology for Athletes Development

- Experience with (semi-) professional athletes in football, athletics, tennis, water polo and windsurfing 

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Our team - Ireneo Snel
Our Team - Nikita de Haan


My name is Nikita de Haan

- Bachelor in Sports Management
- Master Football Business
- UEFA-C coaching licence
- Experience in online marketing and the professional football environment

Click here to read more about Nikita.

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