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The 5 C’s of Personal Branding

Updated: May 9

In today’s world, you have to stand out. But in order to stand out, you have to stand for something. A successful personal brand is authentic and confident, and in order to do so, you need to understand your unique skills, personality and values.

There are 5 C’s that can help you build a powerful personal brand. In this blog, we will discuss these 5 C’s of Personal Branding.

1. Clarity

5C's of personal branding: Clarity, Communication, Connection, Credibility, Consistancy

A successful personal brand is true to who you really are. Therefore you need to have a clear view on who you are and who you are not.

Defining your values, unique personality and skills are very important to distinguish yourself from others. Understanding these will ensure that you communicate it clearly in everything you do.

At Valenze we help you to create clarity about your personality and values. In our previous blog about how to define your personal athlete brand identity, you can read more about the tests and tools we use to clarify your authentic identity.

2. Communication

The moment you have a clear understanding of who you are and what you stand for, you will have a better foundation for what to communicate to your target audience.

The idea is to become visible to those who need to know about you. In this phase you need to consider all possible communication tools, on- and offline. It is a combination of using tools you like, tools your audience like and creating platform specific content.

You might like social media and want to grow your audience on Instagram and TikTok. Other people are comfortable speaking at public events. Whatever way you communicate, make sure it fits your personality and you stay true to your authentic self while doing it.

Do you want to know which communication channels you should use? We wrote a blog about it in which we explain the different communication channels.

3. Connection

Having a personal brand is all about the connection you have with your audience. A connection can appear in different forms. A very basic connection is when your audience can relate with you. They are your fans, they support you and you become a role model to them.

In some situations you build a relationship in which you interact with them. This could be in the stadium, or by answering their messages and comments. You might even have conversations with some of them. This connection, on whatever level possible, means a great deal to your audience and fans and will help to create a likable and trustworthy image.

In our blog about fan engagement we talk about the importance of this relationship with fans and ways you can communicate with them in order to strengthen that connection.

4. Credibility

5C's of Personal Branding

Brands are built on trust. Your personal athlete brand is not only about showing pictures of your games on instagram or what you do in your free time with friends. It can also help you to show the world what you have accomplished and that you are good at what you do.

The more you share about your knowledge and achievements, the more authority you will create towards your audience. It will help you to build a network with the same interests and helps you to create future business opportunities.

There are different ways to gain authority. For example:

  • Write and publish articles about your personal or educational interests. If you studied nutrition and you are interested in this subject, you can share valuable articles in forms of blogs or on LinkedIn.

  • Share videos and photos of special moments in your football career. By sharing a special moment (for example playing in a big stadium), great achievement or important saves or goals, you create more credibility and trust in your football abilities.

  • Work together with brands that fit your values. We continue saying this, but just because it is very important to your personal brand. If you partner up with a sponsor that fits your values, you can make more out of the partnership than just a random brand. It shows your audience and network where you stand for and gives all the other ways of communication more strength and power.

Are you struggling with finding out how you can gain authority? Send us a message and we can help you to find a way to build credibility and trust towards your audience.

5. Consistency

Your personality and values are the foundation of your brand and should reflect everything you do. In everything you do, online or offline, on or off the field.

Make sure you are present in multiple ways and that the message you send to your audience is always in line with what you stand for. Only then you can build a strong and authentic personal athlete brand!

These 5 C’s of personal branding can help you to understand yourself, to enhance visibility, to reach more people and to build more business opportunities. Take your time to work on every C and in case you need help, you can always send us a message in order to find the answer!

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