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Scholarship opportunities

Updated: May 9

Looking forward to 2023 we mentioned something that will be very interesting for female footballers who want to develop their personal brand. So let’s start the year with the good news – we have two 50% scholarships available!

The growth of women’s football is evident in recent years. Media and businesses are getting on board step by step - the investment in the women’s game grows. The players get more influence every day - especially the ones with a strong name and image. Or in other words, the players with a strong personal brand.

You can become one of these influential players as well - a widely recognized athlete who people want to engage with. By developing your personal brand at this level, you will create an extra revenue stream which enables you to live 100% as a professional athlete! But do you know how to do that yourself without having to change your own identity?

At Valenze we guide you through this transition - providing you with personalized advice, education and practical models for you to implement. We will be your personal branding coaches! And now even available to you with a 50% scholarship! So for whom are these scholarship opportunities exactly?

If you are in an early stage of your (semi-)professional football career or playing college soccer, we encourage you to apply for a scholarship because you'd want to focus on defining and developing your personal brand.

If you have already thought about your personal brand and worked on its development, it is time to grow your reach. Our program you will also help you increase your awareness and reach by strategic use of social media. Does this sound like something you need? You can apply for a scholarship as well!

If you have a clearly defined personal brand and you would like to leverage your name, image and likeness, we can help you with that. We will assist you in your hunt for new commercial partners, who fit neatly to your personal brand! If that’s guidance you are looking for, you should definitely apply for one of the scholarships!

Warning though - we offer only two 50% scholarships to highly-motivated athletes. To apply for your scholarship, send a motivation letter and a short analysis of your current personal brand to Limited availability only so make sure you are first to apply!

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