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Why should you invest in personal branding?

Updated: May 9

Have you ever thought about the value of your personal brand? Or maybe we should go back one step - have you ever thought about personal branding at all? Basically, in every field of work developing your personal brand will bring you long-term benefits. Whether you are looking for a new job, gaining more clients for your small business or just inspiring others, having a strong personal brand will help you achieve those objectives. But how do you build that strong personal brand?

Your personal brand is your reputation

At Valenze we focus on athletes, and women’s football players in specific. By being public figures, they receive more attention and comments than most peers of their age. People will already have a public opinion about them – not always the one they might hope to receive. That’s exactly where personal branding comes in. Because your personal brand is your reputation – the feeling that people have when they see you, work with you or talk about you. Personal branding is about positively influencing that opinion and perception people have about you.

The benefits of a personal brand

The benefits of personal athlete branding

A positive public perception will create new opportunities, of which endorsement openings catch most attention in the sports environment. If you have recognizable values as a person, not only as an athlete, businesses will want to relate themselves with you. Creating a strong personal brand during the sports career has more benefits though, such as post-career jobs, (non-sports) projects and kick-starting your own start-up business.

Valenze helps you with your personal branding

The question should therefore not be whether you should start working on personal branding, or when for that matter, but it should only be – HOW should I develop my personal brand? You might not know the answer but that’s what we can help you with at Valenze. Look at our programs if you would like to learn more, or just send us a message. Many athletes are still hesitating to invest in personal branding. Most are not earning a lot of money with their sport so we totally understand there is a budget limit. The great thing about investing in personal branding is the fact that there will be a return on investment, which will most likely be superior to your initial investment. And meanwhile you will also be working on your personal development – win-win! Is there still something holding you back from investing in personal branding?

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