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Looking back at 2022 and forward to the future

Updated: May 9

The end of the year is always a good moment to look back and reflect on everything you have done in the past year. For us at Valenze, it was a special year. A lot has happened and we want to take you on a short journey through everything we have done and hope you will all join us on our road towards the future!

Highlights of 2022

The start of Valenze

The foundation of Valenze started with Ireneo. He saw potential in the women's game and decided to start his own coaching business for female athletes in March. The business was called 'Ireneo Athlete Coaching', but after Nikita joined in July, they decided to change it to it's current name: Valenze.

Our first player

We started to work together with our first player: Selena Babb. In the past 9 months, we have worked on her personal branding, helped her with her social media and are now looking for sponsorship opportunities.

Are you interested in this personal branding process? You can read it here.

The launch of our website

A website is very important for a business and a personal brand. We wrote about the importance of a website and worked hard on creating one for Valenze. In October, we offically launched the website.

Not only can people find more information about us and what we do, we also publish weekly blog posts about women's football and personal branding.

Instagram live with Selena

In November, we hosted an Instagram Live with Selena Babb. This interview was a very interesting way to give her brand a boost and for fans to get to know her better.

We talked about how she implemented one of her values (equal rights) in her communication. Did you miss the interview? Don't worry! You can still read or watch it.

Partnership with Johan Cruyff Institute

In December, we announced our partnership with the Johan Cruyff Institute. Both Ireneo and Nikita studied at the institute, and as two alumni it is very special to stay connected in such way. We are looking forward to what this partnership will bring us!


Looking forward to 2023

It is great to look back, but maybe even better to look forward. At Valenze we want to grow and help athletes to develop their personal brand. We are excited for this new year and all that is coming! Looking forward we can already announce some small things on the agenda.

The launch of our podcast

One of our goals is to launch our own podcast series, in which we will talk with female players about their lives and their personal brands.

Masterclasses with Johan Cruyff Institute

In December we announced our partnership with the Johan Cruyff Institute. As part of this partnership, we will provide masterclasses about personal branding. Are you interested in joining one of these masterclasses? Follow our channels for more information!


We have not officially announced it yet, but as a reader of this article, you are one of the first to know. Soon we will introduce our scholarships. The scholarships will be offered to motivated athletes who want to work on their personal brands. We will tell more about this later via our socials, but if you already want to know more, send us a message!

New collaborations

We are very excited about what 2023 and the rest of the future will bring us. We are looking forward to working together with new players and partners, and to play a part in the development of women's football. For everyone who is interested in working with us, feel free to send us a message and we will look at the opportunities together!

We are looking back on a beautiful year and we want to thank everyone who has been part of it. Now we will focus on the future in order to grow our business, but most importantly to help more athletes with their personal branding!

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