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Authentic Athlete Branding

A personal brand is how others perceive you. Every individual has one and is based on what other people see and say about them. This might not be a good representation of who you really are. Because your personal brand is eventually just your reputation. And to have a good reputation and representation of your personality, you have to work consciously on your personal brand! ​ The process of creating and communicating this unique and authentic image - personal branding - helps a player to create more opportunities during and after her career.  ​ ​

Your Authentic Athlete Brand



Image rights




Receive valuable insights, advice and feedback from our athlete branding experts.

Get assistance with the creation of marketing ideas and materials.

Let us take care of the search for and the negotiations with potential sponsors.


video platform

Gain knowledge about athlete branding wherever and whenever you want!

Our Program

Authentic Athlete Branding

Do you strive to get most out of your career, both on and off the pitch? And do you want to do that while staying 100% yourself? At Valenze we help you develop your non-athletic revenue which enables you to become a full-time professional athlete! In short, we help female athletes achieve financial stability during their sports career by developing their authentic personal brand.

Program info & method

We provide you with useful models, practical tools and frameworks that are easy to apply. This also includes assignments, which help you implement and translate all knowledge you have gained into your own authentic athlete brand. In recorded videos we explain our methods, share researches, and challenge you with clear tasks. We give instructions and time indications so you can plan to do them according to your time schedule. Our main objective is to help you in the development of your authentic athlete brand. Therefore, it is important to know that during this program we are always open and available for questions and to provide you with feedback on your assignments.

Models & Tools

Videos on-demand

Feedback within 48h

Module info

In this program we will cover the following topics:




Business Relationships

If you have a strong drive to develop yourself and you are an action-taker, this program is made for you! We will be your mentors and provide you with all knowledge and frameworks you need to build your authentic athlete brand. But success depends on what you do with both. Are you ready to take action and develop your authentic and outstanding athlete brand?

Additional services

Our online video platform forms the educational foundation of this program. For players who need extra help, we offer additionial services. With these you can personalize the program in a way that it meets your personal needs and wishes.

One-on-one coaching

Coaching sessions add a significant value to the online video platform. You can discuss all knowledge you have gained in the video platform with one of our personal brand coaches. We are your sparring- partners and give you our expert opinions, more in-depth advice and a little push if necessary. We coach you during the whole personal branding process, which makes it easier to translate the theoretical part into practice. Our one-on-one coaching service includes: - 2 coaching sessions a month. - 24/7 Whatsapp communication.

Marketing assistance

For players who need help promoting and communicating their authentic identity, we offer marketing assistance. We can help you with different marketing activities such as: - Communication planning. - Story designs. - Other media opportunties such as interviews. - Campaigns. The content of this service will be customized to your personal needs.

Image rights representation

Valenze actively helps players search for and negotiate with potential sponsors. With us taking care of the representation of your image rights, you can stay completely focused on your football career. Image rights representation includes: - identification of potential sponsors. - analysis of potential sponsors. - sponsor approach. - preparation and execution of sponsor negotiation.

Do you want to know more about our services? Schedule a meeting with us and we can explain more about our program and help you discover your best plan of action.

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