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What is a personal brand coach?

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

On our website, our social media and in our conversations with athletes, we talk about being personal brand coaches. What do we mean by that? What do we ‘coach’? And what is our role in the personal branding process?

The word ‘coach’ is a nice reference to the sport environment we are operating in, but it means more than that. In this article we will explain more about the role of Valenze as personal brand coaches and provide you with answers to these questions.

What is a personal brand coach?

Personal branding is about creating your own image and managing what people think about you. It is more than just posting photo’s on Instagram or finding a sponsor. It is about knowing who you are, how you want people to see you and how to translate that into different ways of communication. Something that is very important to athletes and which has many benefits on the long term.

But what if you do not know how to do it? Should you invest a lot of time in doing research about how to build a brand? This will take a lot of time, something that is very valuable to a professional athlete. Maybe your agency can help, because they also have knowledge about marketing. But how personal will their guidance be if they also have other tasks and players to take care of?

Personal branding is not something that someone else can do for you. No one else can create an image of you. You might be looking for someone with the knowledge on how to create a personal brand, who can share this with you and advise you along the way. Someone who can coach you during the process so you can learn how to build your brand, but always stay in charge of it.

A personal brand coach is:

  • someone who educates and instructs athletes in the fundamentals of personal branding, directs a strategy and advises during the process.

  • someone that gives professional advice on how to attain their personal branding goals.

Reasons to work with a personal brand coach

You might have come to the conclusion by now that personal branding is important to you as a football player. But why would you work with a personal brand coach? We give you a few reasons:

  1. It is an easy way to gain knowledge about personal branding. If you do not know where to start and you want to gain knowledge on how to build your personal brand, a working together with a coach can be an interesting option. This way you do not have to do all the research yourself and can you learn from someone that already holds that knowledge.

  2. Personal branding can be time consuming. What we hear a lot is that players want to work on their personal brand, but that it is very time consuming. We will not deny that personal branding asks for time investment. But a coach can help you to find the most efficient way to build and leverage your brand. They can offer you tools and advise which might help to make it easier and less time consuming. Our programs for example, are spread over 9 months, which makes it easier to combine your career and learning more about how to build your personal brand.

  3. You will have an extra sparring partner. An important plus about working with a personal brand coach is that you have someone to brainstorm with. It is easier to develop new and creative ideas, you might be challenged to do something you otherwise would not do and if you have any doubt about something, you have someone to discuss it with.

The role of Valenze as a personal brand coach

At Valenze we work as coaches. This way, as a female athlete, you will always stay in charge of your personal brand.

Our role is to help, challenge and educate the female athletes in building their brand. We will hand them tools and give them advise, so together we can work towards their personal branding goals. Our goal is to teach the athlete all the aspects of personal branding, so they can eventually do it themselves.

Let us share some characteristics of our methods:

  • We customize our services entirely to your needs

  • We are flexible to your time schedule

  • Our approach is warm and personal

  • We operate from a coach perspective and help you grow as a person as well

  • We are specifically focused on women's football

Does this sounds interesting to you? Send us a message and we can tell you more about one of our coaching programs.

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