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5 reasons why sponsoring women’s football is an opportunity for brands

Updated: May 9

Sponsoring women’s football is a big opportunity for brands!

The potential increase in the commercial value is huge. Clubs and leagues are already experiencing a significant increase in the number and value of sponsorship agreements, and this will probably only grow further.

Not convinced yet? Here are 5 reasons why sponsoring a league, club or player in women’s football could be an interesting investment for brands:

#1 People are more likely to favor your brand

People are more likely to favor a brand that sponsors a women’s sport.

Brands that are involved in women’s football, are considered to be more social. If you want your likeliness to grow, sponsoring a female athlete could be an interesting investment.

#2 Women’s football has a unique image

Women’s football is linked with positive and progressive values, which can be leveraged by businesses to build their brand. It is associated with positivity, inspiration and empowerment.

In a research done by UEFA, fans were asked to name a word or phrase to describe the women’s game. The top answer was ‘entertaining’. Other popular answers of the surveyed fans were ‘inspiring’, ‘the players are good role models’ and ‘family-friendly’.

#3 The brand will become part of the change

Partners that are getting involved now will enjoy more benefits from the growth of the women’s game because they will be seen as change-makers.

#4 Women’s football has a unique fanbase

Women’s football has a unique and one of the fastest-growing fanbases. Study even shows that fans of women’s sports are 25% more likely to buy sponsor products than fans of men’s sports.

Do you want to read more about generation Z and its opportunity for women’s football? You read it here.

#5 The popularity of women’s football will continue to grow

We still see attendance records being broken. First at the World Cup, now at different domestic leagues. The popularity, attendance and most likely also the TV coverage will continue to grow and offer great opportunities for brands to increase their visibility.

Are you a player seeking sponsors? Or a sponsor interested to invest in the women’s game? Get in touch with us and we might be able to help!

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